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December 23, 2009

Breast Implants: Consideration #9: Complications

Are you willing to accept potential complications




poor scarring, bleeding, infection, malposition, asymmetry, capsular contracture, finite life span of implants, wrong size



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New York liposuctions

My sister-in-law underwent a breast removal surgery after being diagnosed stage 2 borderline 3. Initial lumpectomy followed by bilateral mastectomy, 4 rounds chemo , oophorectomy, delayed reconstruction (tissue expanders replaced with saline implants), Arimidex. Can she have a successful breast implant without any complications?

Michael Pickart

Since your sister-in-law has already undergone successful tissue expansions and subsequent saline implant placements, she should not need additional breast implants. However, if she prefers silicone implants, certainly the saline prostheses can be exchanged for new gummy bear-type implants. Or, if she desires bigger breasts, she may require more expansion prior to the placement of larger prostheses. Please have her contact her Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to address these questions. Good luck to her!

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CAPlastic Surgeon

Breast re-constructive surgery is touchy. I'm sure her surgeon can answer these questions for her.

Lyra Mason

If you are willing to do any type of change to your body you should be willing to accept possible complications.

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