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June 30, 2011

Perhaps, You Don't Need Botox Every 3 Months

New research suggests that patients getting regular Botox treatments can eventually reduce wrinkles with half as many sessions.

The research, conducted at Oregon Health & Science University, in Portland, sought to determine whether less frequent Botox treatments could provide long-lasting reduction of the frown lines between the eyebrows.  After a patient receives Botox injections every 4 months for 2 years, the frequency of treatments can be changed to 6 months with comparable wrinkle-reducing results and with high patient satisfaction.

So, if you like the effects of Botox, but if you hate having costly injections every 3 months, maybe you should reconsider.  Try to stick with Botox 3-4 times per year for a couple of years, and then you'll probably be able to reduce your Botox treatments to just twice per year.

Oh, by the way, the study also confirmed the wrinkle-preventing effects of Botox.  The study patients' wrinkles did not worsen while they used Botox.  Since they could not create wrinkles, they never formed them in the first place.  Terrific!



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From what I know it depend on how the body reacts to the treatment. When I did my first botox treatment, the doctor explained me that the final result will be available after about 7-10 days and the treatment will last between 4-6 months.

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Botox is evil. After injections people start looking like fake dolls. It's creepy!

Michael Pickart

Not so sure that I agree, HTY Gold. Certainly, excessive amounts of Botox improperly placed can look strange, but subtle improvement are possible with Botox and Dysport. You might be surprised that even some of your close friends have given Botox a try. It really does work well when properly administered.

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Cosmetic Surgeon Boston Dr. Christopher Davidson

While encouraging patients to go out and inject Botox into their face simply to avoid wrinkling seems a bit excessive, the wrinkle-prevention aspect of Botox is extraordinarily interesting to me. It seems like the more refined our tools and techniques get, the more potential the results show (i.e. being able to prevent the problem in the first place, not to mention the ability for sessions to drop in scale and frequency after desired results have been achieved).

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